You can keep your home California

If you own a home or investment property in California and are falling behind on your mortgage payments due to a loss of job, divorce, medical expenses, increase in taxes, higher mortgage payments or other reasons, call our team of experienced real estate professionals right now or fill out our form for a free, confidential consultation.

California has received approximately $2 billion in federal funding to provide assistance to homeowners. We can explain your options and offer you solutions to save your home and avoid foreclosure.

If you were recently denied or told you are ineligible for a loan modification or short sale from your bank or lender and need more time to negotiate a solution or settlement, call us today to learn how we have helped California homeowners postpone a foreclosure or Trustee sale (auction) for up to a year.

How it works?

Our Save Your Home California Deed of Trust program can help you keep your California home and investment properties, even if you can no longer afford to pay your mortgage. We specialize in helping qualified homeowners avoid foreclosure or a Trustee Sale by participating in our Save Your Home California Deed of Trust program.

A Deed of Trust works to delay your bank’s foreclosure proceeding for up to a year and allows you to stay in your home while you seek to negotiate a loan modification or short sale or make other arrangements for your home with your bank or lenders. Most homeowners do not make a single mortgage payment or property tax payment while delaying a foreclosure or Trustee sale.

How do I qualify?

The only qualification for the Save Your Home California Deed of Trust program is that you must own a California home in foreclosure and that you can afford our service fee. We can postpone your Trustee Sale date, stop the auction process and keep you in your home. You owe it to your family to learn how you can keep your home California!



Scott Abadi, West Hollywood, CA

Danny Siag is the BEST real estate agent I’ve ever dealt with. His customer service, knowledge of local and national real estate conditions and problem solving ability is unheard of in this day and age!


Debbie Hale, Agoura Hills, CA

Danny was there with me every step of the way. He worked above and beyond and at times it seemed to me as though I was his only client, which I knew was not true, but he made me feel like I was.